Lead Pipe Replacement

lead pipe replacement process

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We cover all types of lead water pipe replacement. We replace old corroded lead pipes and install a new Medium Density Poly-Ethylene (MDPE) pipe through the use of moiling technique to install new services from the stop cock on the pavement to the internal stopcock within the property.

Lead can sometimes be found in tap water due to lead water pipes as a result the water coming out of your tap may contain more lead than the drinking water standards allow, so to minimize the risk to you and your family we would suggest changing your old lead water pipe to a new Medium Density Poly-Ethylene (MDPE) pipe as soon as possible.

The cost to change your lead water pipe will depend on the length of your garden from the boundary of your property to the connection point inside your property

We have specialize equipment that allows us to replace or repair lead pipework with out the need to excavate, this allows us to install new pipework in one day with out disturbing the existing surfaces, all our work is guarantee and we supply you a certificate of approved installation when the job is complete.

We can replace your  old corroded lead pipe and install a new medium density Poly-Ethylene (MDPE) pipe, and carry out site surveys to identify leaks with use of ground listening equipment. We are specialists in all aspects of Water & Lead Pipe Replacement related issues, we have extensive experience in the water replacement industry.

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